In english: The battle of Alfta giants.

Alfta sett från Nabban

The first settlers in the forrest of Alfta in Hälsingland, were the giants. They lived off game and the fish of the lakes and rivers.

The very first to arrive was Starkotter, the mightiest of all the giants ever to settle in the region. He was followed by Bock, who settled just a few miles south of Starkotter’s dwelling in a lush area which today is still called the garden of Bock.

Jätten Bock

The third giant to settle was Önne. His dwelling was situated a few miles from Starkotter’s.

The giants were anything but good neighbours. Fights were frequent, as all three wanted to rule the region. Eventually, Starkotter and Önne joined forces and killed Bock. But they soon became rivals. Önne decided to flee as Starkotter was the more powerful of the two. For years Önne lived peacefully beside a lake far from his enemy, according to the legend.

But when he learned many years later that Starkotter had died, he returned to his original settlement.

Jättarna Starkotter och Önne



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